Friday, July 30, 2010

Sunflower Mayhem

So this is my first ever blog post. . .   woot woot!  ok. . .   
For my first post I think I'll tell you about my sunflower field experience.  
So my best friend Bec and I were on our way home from Peoria and she's a senior in high school (gags i hate that place)  and she's all like I need senior pics.  So I'm all like DUDE I know the coolest place ever.  Soooo Bec and I proceeded to travel to the said location.  This location happened to be get this a sunflower field.  Totally awesome right???  WRONG!  A week prior to our adventure I drove by this field and it was absolutely stunning.  This week the flowers were beginning to die.  It's a naturally occuring phenomena I know!  It just made our lives difficult.  
Difficult? How so?  Well, these said dying sunflowers are as tall as me and Becs and there is one picture worthy cluster of sunflowers all the way in the back corner of the field.  SO you guessed it we made the trek all the way through the weeds and dying sunflowers that were as tall as we were only to discover.  They were puny ugly not worth the pictures and only one left of picture taking quality sunflowers 
so we took our sad little pictures got in our car and left the end.  


  1. Okay I know this is a story about an epic adventure, but it kind of got me thinking about how God sees us. Sure to us there may be a whole ton of ugly weeds, dying flowers, and everything else in the way of seeing the beauty within, but God doesn't even see those. He sees a beauty that moves Him in ways that all the beauties of this earth never can. I might eventually write a note on it. And dude, epic blog post. You know I've already subscribed and will be reading every one. True story.