Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday shopping! *gasp*!!! part one.

Soooo Bec and I are going Black Friday shopping at 3am.



Do we care?


mhmmm...  So most Black Fridays I boycott shopping and stay home in the comfort and safety of my humble abode.  Today I will be adventurous.  I will be a consumer driven fool.  Do not judge me!!!  I need some jeans.  I'm not going to go wild.  I know I know.  I should go to goodwill and buy a pair of holy ones and then patch them in true epic hippy amazingness.  (just like that guy from that Celtic band)  IT would be sweet!!!!  BUT!  Between three jobs and sleep I don't have time to patch jeans of epicness.  So black friday here we come.  I should shop online...  I really dislike consumer driven fools concerned only with selfish gain...  (and cheap Christmas presents no one will use) They're typically poor drivers...

We'll post pictures of the amazingly weird things we see at three in the morning in wal-mart.  I have a feeling it will be worth it....  My goal is to capture two blue haired little old ladies going at it over like a barbie dream house or something lame.  *crosses fingers*  

SO wish us luck!  As we brave the stupid people in the stores and on the roads.  If you're one of those people and I direct my road rage at you. . .  Sorry in advance.  Jesus loves you.  and stuff. . .

well peace out girl scouts!

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