Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday Part two.

So there were no old ladies battling it out over a barbie dream house.  Sorry to disappoint.  We did have fun though. 

We were in JCPenny's and they have these glorious hats!!!  

The "complete" guide to the bible...  We found it amusing that they put it next to the food bible and the amish kitchen cookbook...  

Bec and I found it odd that the "complete"  guide to the bible was so skinny...
in fact it was only 510 pages long...  HMMMMM!  For a low price of $4.99 you too can be completely guided through the bible.
uh huh.

This is how we wait in line.  

So yeah Black Friday.  wooo!!!


  1. You officially fit into a category of people I have labled: cuckoo for cocoa puffs. As do PJ, Ashley, Joe, and Crindy for actually going out at midnight for black Friday. :p

  2. YES!!!!! We didn't embark on our mission until 2am though!